420 and 710 are the days when thousands of Americans gather to celebrate International Marijuana Day. There are lots of myths about what does 420 and 710 mean? Some think that 20 April- 4/20 is celebrated as the Cannabis Legalization day, but it’s not true. Here we are going to know what does 420 mean? What does 710 mean?

Let’s know everything about 420 and 710-

Everything about 420 and 710- Marijuana Code Numbers- What Does 420 and 720 Mean?

Here, we are going to cover everything about the 420 and 710 code numbers.

what does 420 mean
420 is a code for smoking marijuana or indicating one is up for smoking cannabis, greenstoner.com

What does 420 Mean?

420 is actually a date on April 20 or 4/20 which is considered as International Marijuana Day. On this special Stoners Day, almost every stoner meets at a place to smoke weed together and Celebrate the special day. In this day every state of the U.S is allowed to smoke weed or Marijuana in public places.

Last year thousands of people across the cities of the United State gathered to celebrate International Day.

There are also lots of sayings that 420 is the code word or Slang for Smoking weed.

Some of the other theories say that there are more than 420 active chemicals in Marijuana which makes the connection between the number and marijuana but that’s not true there are more than 500  components in Marijuana.

What Is the Real Truth and Origin of 420? Everything about 420 Marijuana Code Numbers – What Does 420 Mean?

The history of 420 started in 1971-  A day when a group of California High School Students who called themselves Woldos decided to meet in a place and go for hinting stash or cannabis. They used to meet at 4:20 P.M near a statue of Louis Pasteur on the ground of San Rafael High School to search for the stuff. If one of the Waldos called for a “4:20 Louis” it meant that everyone was to meet at the statue to search for the marijuana.

This story about the high school kids went viral and then “420 Louis” just became “420” and the number was recognized not as a call for the hunt of cannabis but a code word for smoking Pot/Joint. These were the origin of 420.

There are also some of the myths about 420 that the number 420 refers to the anniversary of the deaths of Bob Marley or Jimi Hendrix but it is not, they neither died on April 20.

What is the meaning of 420 in India (Hindi)?

The Number 420 in India refers the section 420 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC420). It deals with cheating and dishonesty. 420 is one of the popular slang used by the Indians which means Cheating/fraud (Charsobees).

The maximum punishment that can be awarded under this section is imprisonment for 7 Years with fire. 420 police code.

What does 420 mean in Dating?

420 means smoking weed. So in terms of dating 420 friendly means that he smokes weed or is open to date someone who smokes weed.

What does 420 Mean Spiritually?

The number 420 spiritually means that you are going to accomplish something significant in life that would bring about great change in the future.

Why hotels do not have 420 room numbers?

420 number is connected with the consumption of cannabis so, some of the hotels don’t prefer the room number.

I just heard some funny story about 42 number-

  • A few years ago, some people forced the hotels to change room number 420 and change it to something else, like what’s wrong with the hotel room number 420. If I were the owner of that hotel I would have changed every room number starting from 420, 420.1, 420.3, and so on…
  • Road signs are one target: road markers bearing the number 420 in Colorado have had to be replaced with 419.99, for instance.
what does 710 mean
710 is the code number for smoking concentrates, dabs, and cannabis oils, greenstoner.com

What does 710 mean? How 710 became code.

You might be aware that 420 is the code for smoking cannabis. Now, in recent years a new number is getting popular worldwide as a weed slang, “710” or “710 friendly” which refers to a more specific way to the ‘concentrates‘ and ‘Dabbing‘. If someone says he is 710 friendly, they are friendly to the concentrates community within the cannabis culture.

What is the Origin of the 710 code?- What Does 710 actually Mean?

The number 420 came from the old oil caps on the cars. If flipped ups down, it becomes 710. As 710 is referred to the concentrates like oil, live resin, terpenes, etc extracted from the cannabis plant.

Everything started as simple as that but after some time the following started spreading and became a cultural Symbol, which does not only represents ‘concentrates’ and ‘cannabis oils’ but it became a 710 friendly gathering and Lifestyle Brand. Now, all the concentrated consumers are identified as 710. 710 became a symbol, code, or group of people who are engaged in consuming concentrates.

Is 7/10 Holliday as well?

710 friendly are the small group of people engaged in consuming concentrates, more of the community members are engaged in smoking marijuana or say cannabis. According to the 2017 report, only 20% of the people are engaged in consuming concentrates.

420 can be considered as the big brother of 710, everything started with 420. As of April 20- 4/20 is celebrated as the international cannabis day likewise 10 July is considered as the special day for all the 710. On this day many consumers, shops, and brands host events to celebrate this special day for all the concentrate or cannabis oil consumers.

710 is a welcome sign that you have found the right place. How 710 friendly is your favorite spot?

what does 710 spiritually mean?

Spiritually, 710 is an angel number that says it is sending you a message to see behind how far you have come and what you have achieved in life.

Spiritually 710 is the collection of three special numbers 7,1,0. The number 0 signifies the energy of the other two numbers next to it.

The number 7 represents reasoning, otherworldliness, comprehension of others, getting the hang of, acquiring information, considering, educating, otherworldliness and profound arousing, otherworldly evolvement and illumination, clairvoyant capacities, empathic capacities, mending, and helping other people.

The number 1 represents fresh starts, new undertakings and activities, drive, desire, progress, accomplishments, moving advances, motivation, initiative, certainty, distinction, achievement, and freedom. It additionally implies showing your objectives and wants by utilizing the force of your positive assumptions and musings.

The number 0 represents endlessness, forever, completeness, stream, unity, God, The Universe, spiritually, venture towards profound edification, fresh starts, terminations, endings, decisions, and openings.

710 is the angel number for love and twin flame.

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Conclusion-  Here we have covered everything about 420 and 710 code numbers which every member of the cannabis community uses as a way of communicating with other smokers or stoners.



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