how to increase sex drive
Cannabis and Sex have a very strong relation with each other with multiple benefits,

Welcome to Greenstoner, today we are going to know more about The Effects of Cannabis and CBD on your Sex life- How increase your Sex Drive?

You will be amazed to know that according to our survey with thousands of people it was reported that the women who consumed weed/cannabis daily have an average of 7.5 sexual encounters in a month compared to 5 those who never consumed it.

Men who consumed cannabis reported having 6.9 times sex on average as compared to 5.6 who never consumed.

Before Diving into details let’s know why your sex Drive Decreases?

The main reasons for the decrease in your sex drive are you Mental of Physicals pains that are in your life, for example- if a person is dealing with depression, anxiety, Stress, personal life problems, or other mental or physical problems then it will really have a great impact in your sex life and really decreases your Sex Drive.

One of the best solutions for this is cannabinoids ‘CBD’ which are present in cannabis or weed.

Now, let’s get deep into this concept-

How Cannabis CBD helps increasing Sex Drive?

Lets, know-how cannabis CBD helps us in increasing our sex drive and Spicy our sex life.

The researchers have made it clear that there are some tiny receptors in our body which is the part of our entire body system called ‘Endocannabinoid System’ also known as EDS.

They found that EDS receptors are present in our sexual organs such as testicles. They are also present in the Brain.

Then CBD present in cannabis indirectly activates after some reaction or high effects due to consumption of CBD and activates them.

According to the Neuropathy Article CBD present in cannabis helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress which increases your desire for sex and sex drive.

how to increase sex drive
Cannabis has been playing a major role in improving sex life with multiple benefits,

What are the other sexual benefits of using cannabis CBD? Does Cannabis CBD  increase your Sex Drive or Sexual Impotence?

There are many more benefits of using cannabis CBD apart from sexual desire and now many more amazing CBD products have arrived in the market which can really boost up your sex performance and add some spices to it.

Cannabis CBD helps in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction-

This is one of the major problems faced by every person at one point in life. This is a very common thing that everyone faces, these could be for a short period or a temporary and long period.

According to the research held by WHO, 80℅ of the ED (erectile dysfunction) cases are temporary or short periods.

The reasons for Erectile Dysfunction are-

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Partners Relation
  • Depression
  • Poor Diet
  • Smoking
  • Over Weight

How Cannabis CBD helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

According to the recent studies done in the School of Medical Science, it was reported that cannabis CBD increases blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels. An increase in the blood flow in the penis is one of the best treatments for Erectile Dysfunction and also increases your sex drive.

  • Increase your Sexual Drive-

The foreign studies of medical science have proven that the use of cannabis CBD helps in activating a brains part that is responsible for your sexual arousal which really increases your sexual drive by increasing your sexual desire.

For a good relationship sex life really matters and according to our recent survey done, we were reported that 59℅ of the couples are divorced due to low sex life. This is one of the major problems that the world is facing, if you are also one of the people who want to increase your sex drive and add flavors in your sex life then cannabinoids ‘CBD’ might be one of them that you should look for.

  • Orgasm During Sex –

We have come out with some figures that almost 56.7℅ of the women don’t get orgasm during sex, and this has been a major problem for women’s sex life, but Cannabis Cannabinoids is playing a great role in women’s sex life.

According to the survey done among 1500 women who were facing problems in getting orgasm during sex but after having some of our recommended strains approx 76.1℅ of the women have experienced great orgasm during sex.

If you want to know about the best strains that we have to recommend them then comment below.

  • Poor Lubricants-

Poor lubricants are one of the common problems faced by almost all couples. What is Poor Lubricant? Poor lubricant is a situation where you face dryness in women’s private parts and painful sex, adding lubricant helps you to keep moisturize your private parts and can give you relief from pain and increase your sex performance. CBD has a calming impact, which could hypothetically make sex more agreeable.

Can being High Not Make you Hard?

Many stoners have been asking about can being High Not Make You Hard? This is a misconception that being high cannot make you hard. Cannabinoids present in Cannabis activate the brain’s part which is responsible for sexual arousal and increases sexual desire which leads to Hard On.

But in this, one thing needs to be kept in mind. Being high can really make you but according to our recent survey, we were reported that if you are in your peak high in some cases erectile dysfunction for some hours could be seen.

how to have best sex night while stoned
Sex can be the best thing you can do after being stoned and here are the best ways how to have sex while stoned,

How to have great sex during stoned or high? How to Increase your Sex Drive?

Sex life is one of the most important parts of every person. Everyone wants to have a great sex life but, unfortunately in most cases, people are unable to enjoy it due to their physical or mental problems. Let’s Understand why sex life goes low?

Basically, Sex life is related to your mental and physical health, if you are not physically and mentally fit and facing problems like anxiety, stress, and depression you cannot have a great sex life.


If you want to experience great sex during high or stoned then a few things need to be kept in mind

  • You shouldn’t be Overdose-

If you are overdose it is obvious that you cannot have a great sex night. So if you want to have the best sex night you shouldn’t be an overdose.

  • Choose the right strain for High Sex-

Strains really play a great role in your sex night. There are some strains that are really made for sex after having it. As it makes you energetic, reduces anxiety, and increases your sexual impotence and sex drive.

  • Use Lubes to get rid of Dry Sex-

Everyone gets cottonmouth and dry after being stoned, dry sex is also one of the greatest problems where women face pain during sex, and lubricants are one of the best solutions.

  • Don’t Experiment with new strains the night of sex-

Most of the stoners try to explore new strains thinking this may increase their sex drive but it can more worsen the sex night. Trying new strains before the sex night is something like preparing for an exam without knowing the topic. Only 5% of you have a chance to experience a great sex night. According to my opinion, if you really one to experiment with new strains don’t try it on the sex night, explore before the sex night.

  • Vape should be smoked less-

Vape is also one of the most used ways of smoking cannabis. It’s right that vape gives you a good high, but if you cross your limits and get peak high in your sex night then it can be a total waste.

  • Beware before taking Edibles-

Edibles and Gummies are some of the most preferred ways of consuming cannabis with long-lasting high. Before you Consume edibles you should be aware of your limits or it can worsen your sex Night.

What is the Perfect Dose of Cannabis to Increase your sex drive?

After researchers, it was mentioned that 1500 mg of cannabis (per day) can be absorbed easily by the human body but it doesn’t exactly define how much we should consume.

When we reached out to one of the experts from the cannabis industry Dr. Peter Henry, he explained this to us. ” Every Individuals body reacts differently to Cannabinoids” So it is impossible to point out exactly how much amount of cannabis is perfect before sex.

But he suggested us one process by which every individual can figure out what is the perfect dose of cannabis before sex?

Start your first dose between 10-15 mg and go on increasing the dose, and experiment with it which is the perfect amount of dose for you.

products to increase sex drive
There are some of the best products that take your sexual experience to the top that you should definitely try before sex,

What are the cannabis products that help you to increase your sex drive?

The best cannabis products that really help you to increase your sex drive are-

  • Cannabis CBD oils-

Now, CBD oils are one of the most preferred ways to get high. CBD oil helps you to relax and release all your anxiety and stress which, will definitely help you to improve your sex life.

  • Happy calm Lube –

Most of you might be aware of Happy Calm Lube mostly used during sex. But it’s commercially made for the lips of the vagina to keep it moisturized. It is one of the most appealing products that can change your sex life.

  • CBD Vaporizer –

All the stoners out there might be aware of CBD vaporizers. CBD vaporizer can turn into one of the best cannabis products to

Improve your sex life as it eases and calms you.

  • Sexual Arousal strains-

In the last few years, we have encountered lots of strains that are best for female sexual arousal which can be very useful to increase sex drive.


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Cannabis can improve your sex life there are just certain things that you need to keep in mind. If you have any query do comment below.





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